She watches over us…

More: Abigail is very special, weighing only 35 lbs, she is a pure bred Boxer, she was run over as a pup, and later ended up in the pound, I adopted her from a so called no kill shelter, only to discover that our county Funded and privately funded shelter was not all that it said it was, through a Atlanta news station they discovered that the shelter director was charged with miss appropriate of private funds-that were being sponsored for dogs waiting for adoption, she was founded guilty and served her sentence, but people lost thousands of dollars and innocent pets lost their lives, luckily for Abby, she came into our lives and has been a great dog, companion and family. Abigail is showing signs of cancer, and it breaks our heart to know her days are becoming shorter with us, that being said, I think she would be a great advocate, she’s very human in many ways! Abby is a comforter, a nursemaid, and forever friend, she knows when you don’t feel good, and yet some days she’s such a puppy at heart…such a gentle soul, my Abigail….