Model Behavior

More: Achilles is one of a kind. He stole my heart in 2014 when I was caring for his mother, father and litter mates. He put his paw on my leg while bonding, and just looked at me. History was written and my single girl lifestyle changed forever. We traveled from Alaska, to Colorado, lived in the Uinta mountains for 3 years, hiked, climbed, and we lived a wild life. He has been face to face with a herd of buffalo, casually blocking a Canadian highway. He’s seen elk, bears, chased porcupines, tackled a rattlesnake and came out the victor. He’s scared me half to death, and maximized the love I didn’t know was in me. At my darkest, in 2014 after losing my younger sister to suicide, I took on the care of a pregnant husky, who’s last little puppy saved my life. Achilles is such a blessing, such a friendly boy who just wants to make memories, and friends. Just a big ball of light love and all the best things about life, come through those crystal blue eyes.