Running through fields of gold

More: Adonnis is a year old black lab who is in training to be a service dog. He came to us in November of 2020, from a family who didn't know where to put his energy. I saw potential in him and needing a new service animal I took the chance. He immediately rose to the challenge and showed signs of being able to naturally alert to heart problems that I have. Once a week we go out to let him roam the trails of Maine where he gets the opportunity to run till the sun goes down. He is also learning to run agility and do dock diving this summer. He may also learn to be a bird dog on top of everything if he so chooses. He gets everyday to play and romp around but even admist a full run he will turn around and come back to me to tell me is something is wrong. Even if he's supposed to have fun. He loves other dogs and people and is so excited to learn more every day.