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AeroBix, call name Bix

Eye on the prize

More: Bix has never met a stranger. She is very friendly and biddable and never lets anyone miss the opportunity to pet her. Even though the photo shows her intensity, Bix has two distinct gears. One is the focused hunting partner in the field and other is the calm and easy going lover-of-a-dog around the house. Bix takes her breed's categorization as a versatile dog to the next level. In the winter months, she serves as the "assistant groomer" at our local Nordic ski trails where she runs ahead of the grooming equipment for awhile, and when she tires she rides on the snowmobile seat with me for the rest of the work day. She is the most notable dog on the ski trails. Bix's retrieving skills are also top level. She will retrieve whatever she is asked to get. Her favorite daily activity is sprinting outside to bring in the morning newspaper. Finally, Bix is notorious for being a hat thief. Her early retrieval training was done with one of my baseball caps. Ever since, she feels it her duty to take hats off people's heads (only if they are bent over to pet her) and prance around with joyful pride until she is brought to heel and told to release the "prey." We couldn't ask for a better dog.