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After a long day on the streets, Orvis helps me sleep

More: Aiden is a rescue who was abused. His left leg was broken and never addressed. When we rescued him he was only 19 pounds. Now he is at usual Cocker weight, 27 pounds. This photo reflects how safe and loved he feels. So different from the dog we brought home. He was just diagnosed with cancer in his neuro pathways. He loves his Orvis covered chairs from which he rules his kingdom, and relies upon his Orvis bed to keep his bad hip calm through my work day. We live in Beacon, NY where many refer to him as The Mayor. He insists on greeting and being petted by everyone. Our UPS delivery man keeps a special stock of treats on his truck, which Aiden knows and frequents. Yes, he has offered to drive. In short, he makes everyone smile, bringing a touch of happiness to everyone he meets. Somehow he knows just who needs his love.