AJ and Archie

Believe it or not, we’re siblings!

More: AJ is extremely athletic. She is not a snuggler, but she loves to play ball and for some reason always wants to walk through people’s legs. I think it’s because she gets lots of rump rubs that way. She also likes to just stand and stare. Fun fact: when he first got her from the rescue we thought she was a lab, and because of that when she kept holding up her paw we thought she had injured herself, so we took her to the vet. That’s when we found out she was really a GSP mix, and was actually pointing. I felt like an idiot 😬 Archie is the most snuggly dog there ever was. He always wants to be with one of his humans. He likes to spin around a couple of times when he’s wicked excited. He will do anything for food. We have had family dogs for 30 years and love every single one we have had. Dogs make our family complete.