Alfie sitting on the grass watching the great big world pass by! His favorite thing to do!

More: Alfie was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and as a cancer survivor myself and losing my mom to pancreatic cancer in 2018 (Alfie’s best friend, besides his mommy), I am learning an entirely new side of cancer. Alfie loves people, all other animals (he grew up in a home with me fostering for the humane society so he helped guide and train numerous other pups). He even had a cockatiel as a feathered best friend who passed away 2018 from a stroke at the age of 25. Alfie loves to greet all other 4-legged friends at our walks with 1 bark (“good morning”/“good evening”), he then gives them space and finishes his walk. He loves taking his walks with his 3-legged friend the Chihuahua Sid, and the 1-eyed spaniel, Lucky. Alfie’s girlfriend, Dixie, passed away from lymphoma in August. She used to live next door. He still goes to her house, walks in, and searches for her.