Alfie and Daisy

The Look of Love

More: It took a while for them to adjust to each other.Id had 2 other dachshunds for years, and that worked out well, despite one being purebred and the other a rescue. Very different personalities. After they passed within months of each other, I got Alfie at age 3 months, but Daisy at age 5 years! Alfie needed company, neighbors complained about his barking when I was at work, so I brought Daisy into our life. Alfie had been Numero Uno, top dog, and it quickly became apparent that Daisy was in fact the Alpha. They still vie for my attention, but have their own distinct personalities. Alfie will alwAys be my baby, and Daisy has been a show dog and a mother. Daisy came with her name. Alfie’s official AKC name is “I Believe in Love, Alfie”. They have been inseparable for several years now, and I adore them equally!