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Angus (Gus)

After a swim on a warm July day.

More: “Gus” is the 5th Lab that my husband and I have owned. He came into our home at the age of 9 weeks and joined our older Lab Teddy. Before we brought Gus home my husband and I went on a fly fishing Trip to Montana. We had already picked out our puppy and were going to bring him home after our trip. We struggled trying to decide on a name. One day while on horseback we saw a large herd of black Angus cows…hence…his name. In 2013 my husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack. Gus has been my constant companion since then and for at least six months after my husband died Gus never left my side. He has been the most gentle and patient Lab I have ever owned and is a sweetheart with all my 11 grandchildren! AND…Gus loves his Orvis therapeutic bed!!