Anita dipping her toes in one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes

More: Anita is rescue dog coming from a hoarding situation where many dogs were sick, abused, or killed by the owner. Upon adopting Anita she was paralyzed in fear. My husband and I couldn't come within 5 feet of her and she feared everything. It was heartbreaking. Through time, patience and kindness she learned to trust us. We've worked long and hard to manage and overcome her fears and anxieties together and bonded in the process. We're so proud of our girl for becoming the brave dog she is today that loves to camp, swim, canoe, hike, and nap on the shore while we fish. Like us we've found Anita also feels happiest and most at home in the great outdoors. And the outdoors are always best enjoyed with a dog by your side.