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Oh those Annabelle eyes

More: Annabelle is oue second (largely) deaf English Setter and our fifth Setter overall. She lost one of her older siblings three years ago and three earlier this year, and was suddenly an only dog. Two months ago, in came Maisie, a 10-week old deaf Setter. At first Annabelle's attitude was, "NO! NO!! It's NOT coming home with us!" Gradually though she realized that she had a playmate--at home. You see, only one of our older dogs, Kalie, played with her and only until she became too rough and tumble for her. So Annabelle and only played when her friends came over and has been lonely for years. Now she is the calm adult who is gentle but (sometimes) VERY firm with Maisie. We are so glad to see her happy. She is a smart, gentle and loving soul who lets us know when she needs attention, loves to perform for treats, and lets her very vocal and noisy little sister know just when she is ready to play her shaggy head off.