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AnnaBelle and Geogie

Watching momma work with the rescue horses at Sunrise Horse Rescue

More: AnnaBelle and Georgie were adopted from the same rescue sanctuary one year apart. AnnaBelle was 11 months old and was surrendered because she had Valley Fever. It is very expensive to treat per month. We adopted her and continued her treatment for three years. She is now Valley Fever free! Georgie was 10 months old when we adopted her. She was a holy terror. She chewed 2 couches, 3 ottomans, several comforters, our carpet and dug huge holes in our yard for almost an entire year. Then we realized how much exercise she needed after having her DNA test and seeing she was mostly Border Collie. So we adjusted our lifestyle and moved to the country where she can run and play and go to work with me working with the rescue horses!