Aphrodite and Scooby

They were playing and I called their names and they looked up at me! Lol!

More: These are my babies! ❤️ The most lovable puppies ever! They both love to lick your face, they get right on your lap and just soak up all the love you give them! They love to play tug of war with rope or a branch, love to play fetch, we own 20 acres and they love to run and boy are they fast! We recently had a lot of snow, and the pond we have froze, they just enjoyed playing in the snow as well as the frozen pond! To see them slide on the ice was funny! I can tell they love the outdoors immensely! Everyone that has met my puppies, always say they want to take them home! Nope! Their mine! I’m going to love , take care of them as long as the Lord sees fit! Their great companions! We’re lucky to have each other!