Crested Butte, Summer 2020

More: Appa is a rescue. Technically, I got him for free before he went to a rescue (probably a pound, tbh) with his brothers and sisters. I was fresh out of grad school and my mom knew I wanted a dog. She cut an add out of the Lindsay Shopper that said, “lab/golden retriever mix puppies - free to a good home.” I left saying I was just going to look - that I wouldn’t be bringing a puppy home that day. Ha!! He was covered in ticks, fleas, and had worms. Out of a litter of about 10 other little yellow balls of fur, I picked this lucky little turd. We go on adventures, take naps, play in the water, get all dressed up, run through fields, get a little derpy, and sometimes just sit and watch the rain together. He is my best friend. We moved from Tulsa out to 120 acres in the country January 2021 and he’s living his best life! Also, Appa is named after the flying bison on Avatar the Last Airbender (TV show on Nickelodeon). In the show, he’s the main character’s best friend and also form of transportation.