Outside is my happy place

More: Archer is a 4 year old rescued blue heeler who is super happy, loved, and energetic. Archer spends his days loving the outdoors and his little sister Lana (my 2 year old havapoo not pictured). They are quite the dynamic duo. His hobbies include barking at birds (he swears he’s going to catch one one day), catching his frisbee, and living for the outdoors in sun, rain, sleet, or snow. He enjoys long walks (especially when we see birds), bathing in the sun, and a spoonful of pumpkin on top of his food. Archer has many different quirks including massive separation anxiety due to his previous homes. Luckily now he is super loved and is never alone thanks to Lana (his secret support dog). Archer’s biggest wish in life is for mom to buy a house with a fence so he can be outside safely for long periods of time. He gets sad when mom makes him come inside especially when it’s sunny out. No other dog is more loving of the outdoors than him! Thank you for considering Mr. Archer!