King of the mountain

More: Archie is the most adventurous dog you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Ever since he was born, he has been working towards hiking all of the Appalachian trail with his mom and dad. It may have started in a puppy backpack with lots of treats, but now Archie is able to carry his own backpack (still with plenty of treats). Even after mom and dad are tired, Archie still wants to explore more. Archibald’s dream is to run across all the mountains in the world. He is a big fan of the camera. The second the camera comes out of our bag he runs in front of us to start doing some of his favorite poses, and no we did not teach him this, he was born a star. Archie loves everyone he meets but makes sure to stand close to mom and dad to show his love of his family. Archie came to us in the middle of the pandemic, and truly saved us from severe anxiety and depression related to the pandemic. Archibald reminds us what it’s like to leave the stressful pandemic world behind and remember how beautiful this world still is outside our doors. He grabs his leash and our shoes when he sees us getting sad.