Artie at his best

More: Artie was abandoned 3 times. He was misunderstood. My Joey passed last year in July and my co workers knew of my sadness and was talking about a dog that needed a loving fiercer home. And sent me a photo and that was it. One week later he completed my heart. We have a bit over a year and what a joy!! I Love him so so much!! And he loves me. He has a yard, loving home and so many friends. I cannot be happier. What a character he is. Very regimented. I k ow he had some good training. Just not sure of what. Has a huge vocabulary and obedience. His misunderstanding s his growling. He will not bite. I think he likes showing his beautiful smile and voice. It may have been scary to others but not me. We understand each other and he respects me and my guy. We bonded very well and he is fine with out 2 cats and vice versa. So that’s about it for now. Artie rescued me and I him. ♥️🐾