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Just a Bear and Her Bone

More: This is Aspen’s second large fleece bone. We got it for her for being so brave at the vet for a cracking a tooth on a much harder, solid bone, or possibly stick. The first is her most prized possession and was her first Christmas gift two years ago, when it was larger than she was, and it has stayed largely in tact, if not a little worn. She takes her bone everywhere, celebrates with it, greets us with it, protects it, licks it, kneeds it with her paws, hoards it and hides it when friends are over, and sleeps with it most always, and the second was an immediate hit. Now she can keep her eyes on the new bone while the OG gets a much needed wash. She also has the carp (a fast favorite), the yeti (a cherished classic), the small fleece bone (the one she shares with her friends), and the soft frisbees (a morning ritual). Aspen often goes by her nickname Bear and we offer our submission of “Just a Bear and Her Bone”