Worlds Goodest boy

More: This lil guy is my first dog. He’s the best and most charismatic little man that I know. I live on my own and man does he bring me a house full of joy. His personality is that of a 30-year-old mid Aged man With enough spunk in him to carry on whatever adventure you want him to, but also making enough time to relax. Originally from Alabama, this monster has been nothing but happiness in all the lives he’s touched. I like to say When you get a dachshund, there’s no in between. It’s either one side of the spectrum or the other the left side, being super docile and submissive in the right being a straight Florida crackhead. And that’s absolutely who Gus is. A crackhead. This smart and outgoing guy knows all his tricks too. Pulling out of his pocket, he can shoot a shake, touch, sit, stay, wait, down, and heel all at once. Bc he’s a spaz and wants to do all the tricks he can for that treat at once.