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You've got my full attention....

More: Ava is a rescue. She loves all people and animals, but especially children and small animals. She befriended a mama possum and carried the possum into our home, to eat dinner out of her dog bowl. This became a regular thing. Most recently, she befriended an injured fox who follows us everywhere once dark out (for last two years). Ava is mischievous... and a kleptomaniac, to boot. She "steals" anything shiny and hides it (keys, jewelry, cutlery - you name it) and once dropped my cell in guest bath toilet (and was soooo proud of herself!). Ava can jump on countertops without taking an extra step. She loves outdoors, traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people and playing with her more rescued brother, Indigo (also entered into contest), is Husky mix, too. Yes, they "talk" and our home gets loud. Happy loud. If you've ever been around a husky, you know what I mean.