Ax’l Kayne

Unique gaze into the future

More: 18 months , 87 pounds of muscle, Ax'l is a magnificent example of a Doberman who embodies the elegance and strength of his breed. What sets him apart is his extremely rare ice-blue eyes. This piercing blue gaze is almost unheard of in a purebred red Doberman. Axl's appeal extends far beyond his intense gaze with an equally beautiful personality. He was my source of hope during the darkest times when I lost my little nephew/best friend. Axl's arrival came one week later and i wasnt ready. But i soon found he revitalized my spirit, and helped fuel motivation to chase life's dreams again. Those baby blues are like a chip of heavens sky itself reminding me to cherish memories and strive for the future, and love the things that make us all unique. Follow us on this journey, as we spread message "love unique: find unity" It reminds us to love what makes each.of us different, we'll honor the past, embrace the future of a more unified world.