Baby Bear

I'm as cute as they come!

More: My baby was diagnosed with diabetes in 2019 and developed cataracts two weeks after diagnosis. Survived pancreatitis two weeks after his diabetes was diagnosed. He only sees shadows, but you would never know it! I have learned so much from this sweet boy regarding living life to the fullest. He let's nothing stop him and he walks outside on his leash like he owns the world. People are surprised to learn he can't really see. He lost his best friend in March and she was his eyes and best buddy. He chose to "go on" and let nothing stop him. He's a sweetheart extraordinaire! He's my Rescue Boy and I'm not quite sure who rescued who??!! I brought him home a week after my late husband's Memorial Service and he brought my other dog, who loved my husband beyond measure and deeply mourning his loss, out of her funk. He helped my hurting heart more than any person did! He's one of a kind...and he's MY one of a kind!!