Relaxing at the farm

More: Husband found this puppy in bad shape behind his clinic in Jan 2020 — hungry, fleas, ticks and scared. Everyone thought she was about a 6 month old retriever mix, but vet confirmed she was only about 10 weeks, probably a dumped Christmas puppy when grew too big too fast. DNA test showed 75% Great Pyrenees. She’s huge but fills our hearts. We were so glad came into our lives before lock down. She uses many Orvis products, including sofa cover, 2 XL dog beds, toys, bowls, collar and truck seat cover. She also eats (a LOT) of Purina Pro Plan along with our other 2 rescue dogs and now 3 rescue cats. She guards the two new kittens and old cat. We live outside Houston but have cattle on property near Huntsville, TX. Bailey enjoys weekly “farm days” as well as long daily walks on trails. She has incredible professional outdoor photos by @zilkerbark in Austin that I believe have rights to if need. We are avid Orvis customers (fly fishing trips, etc) and my great grandfather was supposedly one of the first Purina salesmen in Texas. My grandfather owned a Purina feed store. I enjoyed reading Purina’s William H Danforth’s “I Dare You” with grandfather’s notes. Words of wisdom!