15 years young and all smiles on the dock!

More: Fifteen years ago an angel came to earth in the form of a yellow lab. When I gifted her to my husband Scott, I was a newlywed wanting to give my husband the most special gift on Christmas morning…the one thing he had always wanted since he was a little boy. I was never a “dog person”, but Bailey quickly changed that. Her unconditional love (when I need it the most) and her beautiful, kind eyes completely stole my heart. Although I have 3 children, I consider Bailey my first baby. Bailey is an extremely special dog and at the age of 15 every day is a gift. Although it’s not easy for her to get around (we take her most places in a wagon) she is always smiling. She loves being outside and walking through the woods as best she can. Nothing brings her more joy than being with our family on the water.