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Get the treats mummy, Im ready to train!

More: Bailey is a rescue from a shelter. His mom had 12 sweet pups and she was abandoned while pregnant. The amazing people at the Shelter found a beautiful foster family for her and she gave birth and raised them under their loving care for 8 weeks. The Shelter had a novel idea to save these pups and 20 others from euthanasia; they created a Puppy Palooza! We were blessed to be chosen to adopt a puppy ; and were given 10 mins to choose from 30 puppies. I knew our pup would choose us. I felt he would know me and i would know him right away! Within one minute, we recognized each other! His eyes locked with mine and it was a true soul connection. Bailey is the sweetest boy , he is so affectionate and bursting with joy and love. He hops like a kangaroo and is hysterically comical. He is also very eager to please and learns quickly. Bailey and I are in training ; as our mission is to help others with PTSD and other challenges such as autism. Bailey will be a certified Service Dog , sharing his special gifts to heal and inspire . We are so excited!