Bailey being nosey in our neighborhood. He loves watching the deer roaming outside.

More: Bailey has always been like a kangaroo. He is very agile, and jumps on tables, chairs, and toilets, as you can see. We have to shut the doors all over the house or this will happen. He is a sweet little guy and my husband and I are so in love with him. He joined our family 3 months after our 24 year old dog, Roxy died and 6 months after my mom passed from many years of dementia. She loved Roxy and when she died after mom, I was devastated. While teaching virtually and being on the computer so often I saw our Bailey. Shortly after he was ours. I felt as if this little guy was sent to me from Mom and Roxy. He had Roxy’s eyes. That is why I chose him. We adore him.