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Bailey Grace

Easy Like Sunday

More: Hi I’m Bailey, mom calls me luv, sweetness and baby girl when she’s happy but when I’m stubborn or mischievous she’s likely to call me by my full name and I’m not sure but the tone is not a good one. I’m not a fan of getting into the harness but it’s ok when I get to our favorite place Hashawa Nature Center I’m pretty good for a nice hike. I enjoy meeting new peoples but those other pups just want to invade my personal space so I kinda snub my nose and keep going. I have some really cool humans among them is my Dad he just really loves me and then there’s my human Greyson, he’s kinda like my brother but he’s loud so I just let him be. I love my Mom Mom but I have to be careful with her she sure gives good rubs so I stay close to her. I have some favorite toys but mostly I just grab dads slipper and yep he’ll chase my, of course it’s pretty planned. Moms feeds me pretty healthy and she’s always on this “diet” plan but it’s ok I get treats so I’m a pretty happy gal. Mom also likes routines and that’s good too cause I really like to sleep so it’s all good. I love my family and they love me too 🥰I