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In our backyard, after playing, taking a break

More: Baloo is a rescue lab from DFW Labrador retriever rescue and came as foster into my family, 4/19. He was once a stray, but has amazingly great social skills. Even though he is a very vocal dog, he has a huge heart and patience for other dogs and humans. When I foster he is my foster dog helper (I have a pack of 4 dogs) and gets any foster dog slowly to understand, life is good. He helped fostering 3 puppies (2 + 1 to different times) and showed his loving and teaching “papa bear” skills. His dark eyes are hard to capture, but there are full of love and attention. Always close by and watching, learning, pleasing. His voice entertains the neighborhood when we go on walks. His coat his soft and he loves playing in the water. Right now he is simply the sweetest company for our permanent foster lab, a terminal sick yellow female. (Right now she is symptom free, so these two can play, hang out, and enjoy life to the fullest)