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I'd rather be in a river

More: Hi, My name is Barkley and I was rescued when I was 8 weeks old. I LOVE water and winter (snow, snow and more snow). I can hear a twig snap 100 miles away (or more) and I barks to tell my hoomans. :) I was named Barkley before they ever knew I barked so it was fitting. I'm the sweetest boy (everyone tells me so). I can run for hours even tho I've had 2 knee surgeries because I was born with my patella's on the outside of my knees. I've been living my BEST life with my hoomans. I begs for treats and they cannot say "no". I sheds so much I could make blankets for an entire nation! I get really stinky when i jump in the rivers. I LIKE RIVERS. I get baths. I HATE baths and blow dryers. All the ladies with 2 legs think i'm pretty. :)