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Baxter and Maggie

Furiends and Siblings!

More: Baxter is a 3-year old Golden Retriever rescued from the mean streets of Jersey City. He is an energetic goof ball that seems on track to never lose his puppy-like ways! He doesn’t always understand the “sharing” part of “sharing is caring”, but this golden boy has a heart full of love that radiates from his eyes all the way to his wagging tail! He’s a Happy Handsome Good Boy (we just call him Baxter for short), and he’s always up for an adventure! He also comes with his own ball. (If you have a ball, that’s his too.) Maggie is a 4-year old Boxer who is ever the lady and as sweet as can be. She enjoys scouring all the land (or the house) for the sunniest spot so she can maintain her beautiful brindle tan, while taking in a long nap. She’s soft and snuggly with soulful eyes and gentle spirit. She loves being around her humans, particularly the ones that she can sucker into giving her a lengthy massage every hour or two. But, don’t be fooled - this sweet girl is a force of pure, impressive power during zoomies, hikes or when chasing after her brother, Bax! These two make a paw-fectly balanced pair!