Sleeping Bully

More: I was neglected, unloved & in pretty bad shape until my life completely changed in 2011 when someone saved me. When I found my forever home…my human loved me unconditionally. She loved my one-of-a-kind eyes with my funny-shaped head, my wagging tail, my stick collecting, my toy shredding & she even loved that I often imitated a bucking bronco. Even though I am an old girl now, I still buck like a bronco but maybe not as often as I once did. My favorite hobbies now are car rides, eating & snoozing. When I go on car rides, Humans around here treat me like I am a star because Humans tell me that I resemble some pretty famous bull terriers like Spuds MacKenzie, Mascot of Bud Light & Bullseye, the official mascot of Target Corporation but I know I am one of a kind.