Just finished working on waterfowl (7/16/2022)

More: Bea has a strong pedigree which is demonstrated through her work ethic at such a young age. She has imprinted on every “game bird specie” complements to Dennis Lake Wing Club in Stockton, Alabama. A special thanks to Hamilton, Hunter, George, Andrew and Tyler. If you haven’t heard about this exciting preserve and fellowship your missing out from a true experience. This isn’t Georgia but I guarantee if you visited this area it’ll leave you speechless with hundreds of acres, birds and maybe a spotting of Bea near the club house. Bea is a silent predator when working upland and waterfowl. The question arises based on conversation and reading should a Labrador take on traits of other “game/hunt” canines? Well Bea can point, flush, and retrieve so I’m all about her having fun. I think Mr. Richard Wolters would’ve enjoyed watching Bea if given the opportunity based on his research and experiences which was incorporated into Bea’s overall growth. Bea is a blast to work with a she is one helluva pal to snuggle with. Cheers. Just wanted to add, I am simple person with not a lot of investment into reviews or social media but when this opportunity presented itself I couldn't pass it up especially with the encouragement of Mr. Woodford. Lonny “WtrDog”