Being with my people outdoors brings a big smile to my face!

More: We adopted Miss Bella on August 10, 2019, she was 5 months old. She is a very smart, sweet girl, we consider it fate that she was there that one day we decided it was time to adopt a puppy. Bella has won the hearts of all our neighbors and is the social butterfly at the dog parks. She is polite, yet feisty. Her favorite places are the beach and the 40 acre dog park. She runs like the wind, she’s so fast, and loves to hunt at the dog park (a fenced in former tree nursery, no leash necessary) We let her off leash as often as possible when it is safe to do so in our community and at the beach. I could go on and on, our Bella is a special girl. We adopted her after we lost 2 members of our family in 2018. Both sons came home from college and it was time to bring a ray of sunshine to our home. And Miss Bella did just that!