“I’m ready for my closeup.”

More: Bella is known for her personality. She is funny, sweet, spoiled, and has a little attitude! She’s an only child and can be a bit dramatic. She has many faces and she stares into your soul with those eyes. She has a little tongue that the tip sticks out at times…her trademark. She snores loud, and naps in some of the funniest positions, giving her the name Sleeping Bella. She is part of the paw patrol who keeps watch from her tower (ie our apartment). She is protective and very intelligent. I swear she understands human and believes she is one at times. She can sense my emotions or if I’m sick and will stay by my side. She was prescribed to me due to a medical condition and she truly is my remarkable little sidekick. She is the most incredible little creature and I’m blessed to be her dog Mom! We live in Nashville, where she’s now taken on the name my Southern Bella. I sing, and she ALWAYS has to sit on my lap or be near me and my singing puts her to sleep. 😜