Bella and Moose Duberville

Snow Hike, Fort Washington, PA

More: Bella and Moose, two inseparable siblings, are a dynamic duo of springer spaniel puppies with a heartwarming bond. With an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, they are always eager to explore the great outdoors. Their favorite activities include swimming and hiking off leash, where Moose's impressive speed and strength as a hunter complement Bella's playful spirit as she chases after her beloved ball. Their unbreakable bond is evident in everything they do - from playing and eating to sleeping, Bella and Moose are truly inseparable. As unique individuals with their own quirks and personalities, they complement each other perfectly and are a joy to watch together. These two amazing pups are more than just lovable companions - they are also part of the fight against cancer. Entering them in the Orvis 2 million dollar dog for Cancer research shows their commitment to making a difference in the world. With Bella and Moose on your team, you can expect nothing but the best.