Benji and Luna

Big Bro & Little Sis

More: Luna is my first ever dog that I have raised myself. While growing up, we had a lot of wonderful dogs around all the time (sometimes up to 5!). One of those dogs, a sweet German Shepard, Benji, who never plays much with other dogs, immediately was enthralled with Luna and wanted to be around her 24/7. Benji was able to safely play with a 10lb Luna while being over 100lbs himself. Benji was extremely intelligent and taught Luna as much as possible. Benji was unfortunately taken from this earth too early with sudden incurable hip dysplasia but a large part of him was left on this earth through Luna. Luna exhibits Benji’s love for frisbees, protectiveness of me, intelligence well beyond my mother’s new frenchie, Razzie, and love for chicken and walks on the beach. Luna used to watch Benji go in the ocean to catch a toy and now she is the dog running into the ocean to get the toy. Forever grateful for the dogs in and through my life!