Bentley loving his soft blanket

More: Bentley was estimated to be around 6 months old when he was found surviving only by what he could hunt to eat in Kentucky. He was found roadside and alone. The shelter placed him with a foster family, and submitted an ad on My former rescue dog, Lexi, had just passed away from bladder cancer leaving my latest rescue, Dexter, alone. He desperately needed a buddy to pal around with. So, I began searching for a dog that would be similar in size. Bentley's (then named Jupiter) photo and description made the list. We trekked north to Calloway County, KY to meet him. At first he growled a bit at Dexter, but that quickly subsided. Within 15 minutes, they were running and playing together in the fenced area. It was a hit for the two new acquaintances. So, I took him home. The first 3 weeks, Bentley hardly recognized us, the people caring for him, and could care less about where we were. He gobbled his food and always looked for more as if it were a life or death matter to him still. He only weighed 11 lbs when we adopted him. His hair was long, matted and wiry to the touch. He watched his new brother for queues on what to do for everything. He clearly let his new big brother be the lead. He, then, quickly fell into our daily routines and rarely had an accident in the house. He followed his new big brother all the time! The fosters said he was high energy and would never be a lap dog from their observations. My, my what a turn-around! This dog loves his pillows and blankets and lounging and being by our side all the time!