Playing King of the (Snow Covered) Mountain

More: I adopted Beowulf through Happy Endings Animal Rescue, a local Wyoming group which matches abandoned pets with new owners. He's a happy-go-lucky fellow, always ready for a 4 mile run, or a swim in Fremont Lake, located at 7,000 feet in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, or a winter cross-country trek wearing his red backpack, (so he won't be mistaken for a wolf and shot). He's a gentleman who loves horses, other dogs, men, women and specially children. If I were to die before he does, there would be 5 people fighting to be his new owner. He is ambidextrous and "shakes hands" with both paws! He has a typical Heeler coat so he sheds copious amounts of fur and is soft to the touch. He inherited the heeler iris so a quarter of his left eye is blue, a condition known as heterochromia. It doesn't affect his vision as he sees perfectly. I am a "foster mother" for Happy Endings Animal Rescue and take in unwanted dogs, socialize and teach them manners and prepare them for adoption. Beowulf is actually a better dog trainer than me and as new dogs watch him, they learn how to become a welcome pet!