Un-be-leaf-ably cute!

More: My husband and I actually met Bernard at the Orvis store in Memphis!! A small, private rescue group (Cyan Private Garden Rescue) had an adoption booth set up in the store and had brought Bernard in an attempt to get him adopted. He was ecstatically greeting every Orvis customer that came up to him, and we completely fell in love with him immediately, and the rest was history! We adopted Bernard and life has been so much better with him in it! Bernard is playful yet has the most calm and gently character you’ve ever encountered. He loves cuddling, going on walks through Overton Park, and of course, chasing squirrels! Oh, and this handsome boy is quite the ladies’ man! We are beyond thankful for the rescue group from whom we adopted Bernard and for the Orvis store in Memphis, TN for being our connection and the whole reason we met Bernard!