Howling back at coyotes in Palo Duro Canyon

More: We rescued Biggen off of the street on 7/17/2020. It was over 100 degrees in Texas and he must’ve heard the water splashing as my husband was washing our boat in the driveway. He was a stray dog who was severely dehydrated & very ill with many medical issues including an advanced case of heartworms. Intending to only foster him while we worked with Alvarado Vet’s to get him well. Early on during the five month long process we recognized how special this little guy was. We both fell in love with him and his will and fight to live. He never gave up and happily showed love to us and everyone that he met. He has great doctors that have helped us make his life so much better and he now enjoys traveling around this beautiful country with my husband and I in our RV. Biggen loves meeting so many new people and never meets a stranger. He brightens so many people’s day with unconditional love and lots of snuggles. Best find of our lives. He will be loved for his whole life now!