Billie Jean

The Perfect Stick

More: Billie Jean can tell you herself Where you going Mom, Huh? Huh? Early morning, you know what that means don’t you? Yeh, not too hot, lights just right, lots of sticks on the beach….. YES! I see we are going to the beach by the River , Jeez …I am a Labrador Retriever right MOM? You know ,Labrador, high spirited, agile,intense focus, lots of energy, catch, retrieve, Soft Mouth , bring -it -back -in- one -piece, you know the whole enchilada all in one Dog….Right Mom? Retrieve the Stick Over and Over again…I have all day Mom….how bout you? YES! Let me pick the perfect stick…HERE IT IS! YES! You like it too, right Mom? Stick in hand, Arm over shoulder, LAUNCH! Spring into ACTION…Jump…Splash....Kerplunk! I See it, I SEE the Stick, in the sky right in front of me! ALMOST…ALMOST…….Retrieved! Bring it back….bring it back….Let’s do it again!