Birch - Happy, Lover and not the Brightest Crayon in Box

More: Birch is the favorite of our multi generational home! We have 5 dogs and two cats. He is a lover and truly one of the best nature dogs we have ever had ( and we have had A LOT over the past 55+ years! He believes he is a lap dog, but his weight is around 100lb and he stands 26 in off the ground when on all fours, but closer to 6 ft when he stand on his hind legs. He loves to play and loves to clown around and is tail is always wagging. He has changed colors throughout his 3+ years of life from a black and a little brown, to a silver/grey fox, to now starting to get back some of the black/brown he was as a pup. He loves to lay next to people when they are laying down on his back … and snores mimicking their snoring. Truly one of the best dogs we have ever had and when other see him … they gravitate to greet him. BIRCH=LOVE!