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If there’s and adventure to be had, this dog and his tongue will be there.

More: Meet Birg, aka Burger (or Cheeseburger depending on the mood). It didn’t take him long to learn that a ride in the car means there are good times to be had—be it at the family camp in the mountains of Maine or a quick jaunt at the local beach—this guy expects an invitation. And if there’s snow on the ground? Good luck getting him back in the house. But like so many good dogs, Birg just wants to be with his people. Preferably physically touching them at all times. It’s been a stressful and hard year for so many, the everyday adventures with Birg and the comfort of his tired head in your lap at the end of the day are a reminder of how much there is to be grateful for. Here’s to extra time with (wo)man’s best friend—whether it’s spent inside or out!