Sweet Dreams

More: Bitsie is a very active 2 year old rescue mix (Pit Bull/American Staffordshire). She loves to play ball! If you have ever observed a small child eat a sandwich and play at the same time, you can picture Bitsie playing ball and stopping for a bite or two of food, then returning to her fun. While she is eating, she places her ball in her food bowl to keep it safe. She is a medium size dog (32 pounds), but will give you a run for your money in a game of tug due to her extremely muscular frame. As much as she loves to play, Bitsie loves to please more than anything. This is a big advantage when it comes to obedience training with her. She is also a very vocal dog. She doesn’t bark very much, but makes other sounds that are , at times, nothing short of comical. She uses these vocal sounds to her advantage especially when she wants a treat. Bitsie is a cute and amazing little doggie who has captured the hearts of many!