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For best results... add water

More: Bjornebaer is as feisty a red head as you will meet. True to her retriever nature, any body of water ( be it puddle, Ocean in December, lake or river) She will be in it and hard to get out. She is at a loss without her favorite, mouth size toy in her mouth , no greeting is complete without such an item, unless of course she can find a pair of our socks or a random shoe. She is very serious to new people she meets, but oh, once you are in her circle you will know her full love and goofy playful self. She might look like the demure sweet girl, but her brother ( a 10 year old 80 lb Chinook) will be the first to tell you who wears the pants in the family... His feisty Red head sister Bjornebaer, and he would have it no other way❤️!