human give me just a second to bounce back

More: Big bro to 4 sister kitties...he literally smiles at anyone he sees....loves attention ... Big time cuddler...loves to swim n dive head first for things in water...enjoys playing with other dogs is very careful with any dog smaller than he...prances when he walks! Is a picky eater! . . Is a Cat food and cat treat theif! Bleu is very calm and meek dog and is training to be a therapy dog...working on leaving squirrels alone! He is very handsome and very popular everyone knows him! Has lots love to give everyone that he meets! Loves going to coffee shops and restaurants to eat with his mom and family...has great table manners! Is still working on walking thru doorway when door half open he doesn't understand that he can walk thru the doorway with door half open he will sit and whine until you open the door all the way! Loves going in car for rides and feeling the wind on his head!