Blitz 's first trip to the Verde River:)

More: Just that he's so well behaved. A gentleman. Once when we moved to a new place here in Mesa,Az, we had been there for about a week and I thought it was about time to go out into the yard and scoop some poop. So I go into the yard and gather the bucket, the long handled (industrial-sized) dust pan, and the stiff broom (because that's just how we do it lol). I paced the yard 3 or 4 times and couldn't find a single pile of dog poop. So now I'm quizzically looking at Blitz who's following me around not saying anything of course. I thought wow well maybe he's just not comfortable yet to poop in a new yard, lol, and shrugged it off. The next week, same thing, no poop. Now there's absolutely no possible way that he could be NOT pooping, especially the way he eats!!! A few minutes later as I'm raking leaves, the next door neighbor comes out of his back door and walks over to the fence and starts talking to me. Standing near the fence I thought man it sure smells like dog poop over here, and I looked down and my neighbor was standing in a mountain of dog poop. I couldn't help but to start laughing and my neighbor looks down and says oh yeah I forgot I wanted to ask you, how'd you teach your dog to poop through this chain-link fence into your neighbors yard without going to jail? Haha he was kidding of course and he had dogs of his own, but I thought how sweet of Blitzy boy to do that for me so I wouldn't have to scoop his poop! Like I said always Such a gentleman:) thank you for reading!