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Five second break for air, then back to the ball, Mom!

More: When they say Aussies have lots of energy, they MEAN IT. Blue has nonstop energy, which makes it hard for me because she is always on the go! Truly could throw the ball for 5 hours straight. She also has the most personality of any dog I’ve ever met. She is sassy, psychotic, snuggly, extremely smart, cleanly, and so loving. The morning is her favorite part of the day, when she is super cuddly and just wants her belly rubbed nonstop. And will somehow scoot us off the bed, so she can take up the entire middle. She also will jump up and down at least two feet high, like a pogo stick, when she sees someone she loves coming up to the front door. She will also whine and squeak like you’ve been gone for years! Her two favorite hobbies are throwing the ball, and splashing in puddles/chasing sticks in puddles/creeks. “Ball” and “creek” are trigger words, 100%. I have never met a more unique, loving, smart, and full of personality dog in my life. She has changed my life in the best way possible, and is my best friend! She may be harder to deal with than having a human child (because she is so darn stubborn, yet smart enough to play mind games with you), but she’s the best dog I could ask for and always makes my world so much better.