Blu Velvet

Blu in her bliss

More: When we adopted Blu, she had been through a lot. She had been neglected and abused by her previous owner. She had been left out, on a tie-out, maggots had ate away the fur on her muzzle and forehead. When my husband and I were walking around inside the Animal Shelter, all the dogs looked like they needed a home and love. But Blu, walked out to meet me. She walked out, into the aisle between the kennels, hung her head low, looked me in the eyes with her beautiful golden eyes and waited for me to come to her. It was then, I knew, this dear girl would be coming home, to her forever home. She has been a wonderful pet, friend and nanny dog to my grandchildren. She has love to give all day long. She never does anything wrong, she is our best girl and we love her so very much.