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A Sighthound's Soul

More: Hi! My name is Bogey and I'm a Spanish Galgo. Never heard of a Spanish Galgo? Don't worry, not many people have! In my previous life in Spain I was a hunting dog, racing over rugged terrain and scouting out prey. There are thousands of Galgos just like me in Spain who need homes after hunting season ends. Fortunately in June of 2022, I arrived to the States on a big plane and was adopted by my hound-loving parents! Now I can spend my days as I please. Although I might look serious in my glamour shot, and I love a good run at top speed, indoors I'm all about being goofy, eating cheese, snuggling, styling my floppy ears, and eating ....errrr....I mean leafing through the Orvis Dog Book for my next bed!